Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Landmark Event: Project Fair Participation

The 2013 Project Fair compiled 19 projects from homeschoolers represented by our parent support group.  The categories ranged from hobbies, animal reports, science experiments and demonstrations, travel, history and occupations.  These 3Gs didn't write their notes on cards for the short presentation time, but many did, and almost all the participants kept their in-the-spotlight time to less than 5 minutes.  Everyone took questions after each short presentation.  I'm so proud of my Gs.  They did a wonderful job researching, writing and conducting their projects.  I'm actually looking forward to next year when we do it all over again!
 Lego history

 Hippopotamus Report

 Sir Francis Drake

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G Paisley said...

I am so incredibly proud of my Kids. They each did a super job on something interesting to them. They presented well and fielded questions like pros.
I was (and still am)bursting with pride.

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