Thursday, March 28, 2013

Attempting to Explain How I Pack

A friend, who doesn't fly very often, asked how I pack my suitcase for a trip.  Firstly, I don't roll my clothes into my suitcase, I stack them.  This is because we generally travel in the winter and most of the clothes are bulky clothes in the first place.  I just take fewer and layer thin pieces interchangeably.  Secondly, if I'm gone for more than 3 days, I take two pairs of shoes, otherwise, it's the one pair that I'm wearing onto the plane that I wear the entire trip.  I've been wearing the Birkes or Dansco clogs for years and that's good for me.  I'm very no-nonsense.  It works for me that all my make-up fits in the quart ziploc with the other bathroom stuff.  Most importantly, I always pack food.  I'm thrifty and know that there isn't always food where I or my family members are when we get hungry.  In closing, this method works for me, but maybe not for you.  I might be whooshing past you with my suitcase on wide wheel base as you sit to tie your shoes after going through security, but we'll both get where we're going somehow. Cheers!

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