Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Guest Post: G1 Volunteers at Local Library

What do I do at my volunteer job at the library?  By G1
So, my first day volunteering at the library I sorted out the due date cards.  sorting them was like playing cards. you had to sort the cards to date which was like dealing the cards out. Not that interesting, but it needed to be done. That was the only thing I did. On the next visit, I went to the library and I first had to clean the break fridge.  There was an interesting looking orange.  Cleaning was really easy.

Then I had to check the books that the library did and did not have from the catalogue. You have to search the book, check the author and write the appropriate symbols. That was all from the last 2 weeks. On my third week I had to make some brochures ( well not really"made" but I folded them) then I sorted out some more due date cards. then I had to rearrange some books, which was not hard at all. Then I HAD TO BIKE HOME, which wasn't that hard, but it was cold and my ears were hurting after that. I probably won't do that again in the cold... Lessons learned.  Good day.

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