Friday, March 7, 2014

"Field Trip Adventure"

So, you're a classroom teacher for 20 years and you're taking your classroom kids on the same field trip for the 20th time, and it really hurts, and you're tired.

Just think,  that could be me out there leading my earth science 8th graders to the Field Museum to discuss the goo-to-you ideas from the textbook. But, that would be surreal because I didn't stay in the classroom.

I don't use textbooks except the Bible (well, and Rod/Staff Grammar and Saxon Maths). I don't preach large scale evolutionary historical development on planet earth (old earth creationist is on the back of my t-shirt). I HOMESCHOOL. I HOMESCHOOL!  YES, SAY IT LOUD AND PROUD, I HOMESCHOOL! !!

I don't get a paycheck, 
I get hugs, 
and debates with my own kids - 

I go on field trips to wonderful places I want to share with them, and wonderful places I want to explore with them. And I like it. And they're for intentional living that allows them to surrender the junk, simplify and savor what they have.
That's what it's all about.

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