Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Support from your Local Homeschool Parent Group

How does your homeschool parent support group support you?  Mine offers many wonderful opportunities. They organize field trips, ice skating free-skate (along with other sport related activities), parent curriculum discussion, project fairs, curriculum re-sale opportunities and sharing time for uplifting parent-educators. But now, my support group provides dissections.  The Mommy became the RockStar of the month by signing up two Gs for a cow's eye dissection.  The third G was asked to be an assistant to the medical presenter-educator.  The Daddy and I helped each G with the scalpel, but really, there wasn't much to the process.

It just seems that there is more to dissections (science in general) when the parent-educators try to take on such a task independent of any outside help.  We tried to dissect two years ago on our own from a mail-order kit. We got through the seastar, clam and worm, but the frog remains to be dissected. So, when we got an incredible lesson about the eye from Dr. Callentine, I was ecstatic!  So grateful for making this memory with my kids.

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