Sunday, March 9, 2014


So much of life is noise,  if you let it.  But, aren't you allowed to choose how you live your life?  That's what they told me in high school - aim high,  get a college degree, blah blah blah.  I chose a lot of things including a college experience,  a job and now marriage/family.  But I never chose to decrease the amount of noise in my life, until now. I homeschool.  I drive with the radio off,  sometimes.  I listen to books from my kindle text-to- voice because I can. I separate kids in my house into separate rooms in my house or tables at the library or benches at the park because they need to learn about reducing the noise in their lives too. Can't do that in the classroom,  or on the school bus or in the basketball team. Noise reduces how much we can hear ourselves think.  Discern. Appreciate. Life. Choose to live intentionally and reduce some noise each year. We aren't promised another day, but when we get it, choose to savor it. I do and continue to relish it.

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