Wednesday, March 19, 2014

SOTW3CH27 What Engineering Minds Want to Know about History

SOTW3CH 27, begins on page 259
A Changing World
Steam and Coal in Britain

·         READ & SUMMARIZE in Goodreads:  Howard, Ellen.,  The gate in the wall (Not a door - mind you)
·         Synge Struggle for Sea Power:  Story of the Steam-Engine
·         Bachman, Great Inventors and Their Inventions:  The Invention of the Spinning Machines
·         Builders of Our Country II.  Chapters about Howe and Whitney.
Cotton and Guns in America

·         Bachman, Great Inventors and Their InventionsEli Whitney & the Invention of the Cotton Gin
·         Guerber Story of the Great Republic:  Ch. VII  A Wonderful Invention, 1797
·         CH. 27, Schlessinger Media has a DVD James Watt and also Eli Whitney (Inventors of the World)
Continue memorizing US Presidents and making notes about each president in order that they become special and memorable. (I'm up to #14)

Usborne pages:  Pgs. 338-339; The Industrial Revolution
KHE pages:  Pgs. 296-297; Industry:  Early Revolution 1708-1815

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