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SOTW3CH28and39 China 19th Century

SOTW3CHChapter 28, begins on page 267
The Kingdom at the Center of the World

Bachman,  Great Inventors and Their Inventions Elias Howe & the Invention of the Sewing Machine
Guerber Story of the Great Republic:  Ch. VIII  A New President, China, 1735-1796
1796 Chi’en-lung of China abdicates in favor of this son (define abdicate!) (Who is his son? Why his son?)
                              An imperial edict forbids importing opium to China (Did it work?)

The Rise of the Opium Trade

Bachman,  Great Inventors and Their InventionsCyrus H. McCormick and the Invention of the Reaper
Guerber Story of the Great Republic:  Ch. IX  Death of Washington, China

Grace Lin.  Where the Mountain Meets the MoonREAD-NO REPORT

CH. 28. Confucius: The Golden Rule (book), Golden Rule
CH. 28. The Greatest Power (Demi, book), Power demi

SOTW3CHChapter 39, begins on page 361
The First Opium War
1839 The First Opium War begins
1842 The First Opium War ends with the Treaty of Nanjing

Mara L. Pratt.  American History Stories, Volume III.  Kindle version, chapters
The Administration of James Madison , Dolly Madison , The War of 1812 , Hull's Surrender of Detroit , The American Army of Two , The Constitution and the Guerriere , Old Ironsides , The Wasp and the Frolic , The Lost War Sloop , "Don't Give Up the Ship" , The Friendly Foes , A Young Hero , A Lucky Shot , An Adventure of the Ship President , A Story of Sackett's Harbor , A Story of Stonington , Commodore Perry , "Remember the River Raisin" , Our Capital Taken by the English , The End of the War.

Usborne pages:  Pgs. 354-355; Changes in China
KHE pages:  Pgs. 344-345; The Opium Wars 1830-1864

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