Tuesday, April 22, 2014

SOTW3Ch32 Lewis and Clark

  • All Read Janet Benge, Geoff Benge.  Meriwether Lewis: Off the Edge of the Map, YWAM Pub, 2001. Off the Edge of the Map, A Fearless Young Man, Looking for Adventure, Terra Incognita AND EVERYONE WINS BECAUSE WE LIKED THIS BOOK! WHY? It has many pieces of dialogue, and we've visited some of the places that are discussed in the book. 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfoQBTPY7gk Schoolhouse rock Elbow ROom
The Opened West (http://www.lapbooklessons.com/OregonTrailLapbook.html)

SOTW3CHChapter 32, begins on page 297  

Lewis and Clark Map the West
Haaren – William Ewart Gladstone
Bachman, Great Inventors and Their Inventions:  Guglielmo Marconi
Trails of the Pathfinders. By G. B. Grinnell
The Louisiana Purchase by Robert Tallant , The War of 1812 by Richard B. Morris , The Great Little Madison by Jean Fritz bio-president during War of 1812 , Pirate Lafitte & the Battle of New Orleans by Rbt. Tallant War of 1812, The Lively Lady by Kenneth. The Incredible Journey of Lewis & Clark by Rhonda Blumberg , Naya Nuki by Kenneth Thomasma. Sacajawea’s friend captured with her ,
Zebulon Pike, Soldier & Explorer by Leonard Wibberley explored southwest 1806, Bold Journey: West with Lewis & Clark by Charl  So much good reading about this time period. We were able to do 3 books.
Tecumseh's Resistance
 How has the world transformed? Review the National Geographic Map inserted into the green book
Haaren - Count Von Bismarck
Bachman, Great Inventors and Their Inventions:  John P. Holland
Guerber Story of the Great Republic: Ch. XIV  The Gerrymander, 1809

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