Monday, April 21, 2014

SOTW3Ch31 The Changing World of Factories VS Jefferson Ideals

In all this reading, we learned that Jefferson didn't like what was happening in Europe during the Industrial Revolution. He abhorred what it did to the people and to the earth.  As we prepared for the readings on Lewis and Clark during SOTW3CH32, we saw the disconnect that existed in the US government between those who wanted to grow the economy with industry versus those who wanted to grow the country with more land and natural resources.
Read TOG Week 4 General Information for all Grades "Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase" p.11
TOG Week 4 Dialectic Level History Accountability Questions #1-4 & Thinking Questions 1-2 p16
SOTW3CH31, begins on page 289
A Different Kind of Rebellion
The World of the Factories
Bachman,  Great Inventors and Their Inventions:  Thomas A. Edison
The Luddites
    Homemaking with Heart
  •  Bachman, Great Inventors and Their Inventions:  Orville and Wilbur Wright
  • Guerber Story of the Great RepublicCh. XXII  New Inventions, Ch. XXIII  Whitman’s Ride, Ch. XXIV  The Mormons, 1831
  •  War Inventions and How they Were Invented   by Charles Gibson
  •  Listen on your kindle called With Lewis and Clark by Edwin Sabin. (ALL THREE WIN!!!)
  • Scott O’Dell, Streams to the River, River to the Sea about Sacagawea.  G2 Wins this one! She read the whole book and entered it on Goodreads. 

  • (the Chester Comix website has so many helps for teaching)
  • Usborne pages:  Pgs. 340-341; Life in the New Towns
  • KHE pages:  Pgs. 340-341; Industrial Revolution 1836-1913
  • KHE pages:  Pg. 327; Unrest in Britain 1811-1832

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