Monday, April 28, 2014

A Rhetorical Question from Study in Philippians 3

How did Paul's parents feel when he called all his credentials junk? (Phil 3:1-11)  Incredulous? Hurt? Worried that he was being lead astray? Did they ever understand?

One might think such things about parents who choose homeschooling instead of classroom school away from the home.  Even my parents don't understand what was so bad about my classroom training.  After all, they say that I was on the honor roll and all kinds of band/choir accomplishments.  I had many opportunities that the classroom school provided, but compared to what my kids get today, I'm still convinced that we are doing the best thing.  But, what happens when my kids choose something different someday. Will I be like Paul's parents and freak out?  That is, I'm assuming, if they freaked out!

Many transitions are upon us as homeschooling parents, or parents in general.  We have 12 and 13 year olds here, and but for a blink of an eye they will be choosing their way all too soon (in fact, we encourage it).  The Mommy and the Daddy will need to transition along with these 3Gs.  Prayer that each chooses wisely or is able to rebound as we once did when we didn't seek wise counsel.  Are we allowed to advise these three to pray fervently/listen carefully about each decision they make?  Are we up to it?

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