Monday, June 9, 2008

Calm, Monday morning

Sleeping in while the kids play games, build lego-creations and fix their own breakfast. Yep, they get their own cereal, toasted & cream-cheesed bagels AND juice these days. Soon they'll be going off to college and by-gum, they'll know how to feed themselves. Well, not going to college quite yet, but they have plans. Little girl wants to buy a Mattel Disney Enchanted Tales Deluxe Princess Castle and the boys are content right now to watch the library videos about transformers and hot wheels animated drama. I'm almost content to look back on the completed certification exams and first home-school conference experience and just enjoy a week of summer break. Next week I get to lead a 3rd grade group of kids at our church VBS or as they call it these days, "day camp." I plan to paint the front room and adjacent halls in order to get that ellusive can of paint off my shelf.

Kids are reading books for the library summer reading program, so I'll have to get back to you later. It's so exciting to listen to them read, I mean READ!

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