Friday, June 13, 2008

Painting in Living room & Entryway DONE!

Creme brulee is on most of the walls which is darker than what you might imagine. The focus wall is 3 shades lighter than that called Bonjour Beige. I have no idea where they get these names, but I chose the colors firstly b/c these were in the tan area of color wheel, but then finally on the name of the color from the company. My boys used the paint roller even though it was very heavy and the little girl was helpful to apply paint along the taped base boards. She is so much closer to that area than me and I taped it for help from the Daddy, but he wasn't able so the kids used the tape to their advantage. I never tape if it's just me painting, but this time I was wasteful and used a whole role on baseboards and ceiling boundary. It was a goal of the summer break and now it's done. Well, not quite all the way. I have to choose another shade for the stairwell and walls up the stairway. Daddy said that the creme brulee was too dark to go into the even darker space that has no light (yet).

The Daddy and little girl plan to go on a special girlclub campout tonite even though there is flooding in the general area of the camp site. The boys and I are on our own for 2 nites and a whole day. Maybe I'll get them to read a book with me. I read them a story about Ghenghis Khan yesterday that they enjoyed. Actually, the older boy started reading to me while I painted and when I was cleaned up I finished the story. It was part of my plan to study the Far East before August one. We started the Ms Frizzle book on Ancient China last night too. They are excited about the DK book on the Olympics that I'm starting soon.

It's time to supervise the AC guy outside fixing the condenser so I'll sign off for now. He may need some help against the kids out back too. HA!

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SarahB said...

But everytime you go in the living you might get hungry for dessert and then want to go on a trip. It sounds pretty though. Why don't you come paint my living room? You'll need a reallllly tall ladder.

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