Sunday, June 1, 2008

Imposing week ahead

Yep, school is over, but I get to do soccer practice and games 3 nights this week by myself as Daddy is not able to co-captain the delivery team. I'm set to attend a home-school conference and hear one of the creators of a curriculum we use AND meet those ellusive vendors of curriculum I can't find on their websites. I'm a newbie remember? I don't navigate vendor websites very well yet.

It is the first week our park pool is open and I look forward to a visit there. Maybe on bikes for the 5 mile round trip or maybe by van. We'll see. I know that the week will include some study time for my ICTS testing on Saturday to renew my teaching certificate in Illinois. Yep again, I'm a certified secondary teacher in the geography and earth/solar science subjects. I need to pass these tests though and I'm not good at that kind of pressure. Can't imagine the stress going back to work would hold for me someday, but testing is no picnic either.

No travel this week, but maybe some trips to the forest preserves or library to gently ween the triple G threat away for the two months of break. Can't have them getting soft, but need them to be ready for an amazing 1st and 2nd grade year. No major wisdom to impart and no major gifts to give, just really glad that the lessons and pursuance of their completion is on hold for a few months.

What will I do with the two months you ask? Well, I've already started. The garden is set as much as it's going to within my power. I can do no more to make it work. Sun, water and soil is how that "bird's gonna fly." Daddy and I washed the concrete basement walls down and I put a coat of paint (a whole paint can off the mis-tint table at home store) on those walls. The storage is now stored and play in the cooler basement will commence during the summer.

What more? Well, there is this living room, entry hallway and stairway that need a wash and coat of paint. IT maybe be one more can of paint off my shelf and that's ok with me! Then, maybe a wood floor compliments of the government's economic incentive check. We'll see if the Daddy can part with it for a wood floor in the living and dining rooms.

Bedtime for these people here and I hope/pray a good week ahead. My best to y'all too.

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