Saturday, November 22, 2008

Color changes...

Ok, black background indicates a down time for our h-s household. We accomplished the Mars chapter and finished a talk about the spread of Islam. We read another story about Sindbad and received a new book to cover the Narnia chronicles from Veritas press. Boy #1 has lost 3 winter hats and it's not even December!

Technically yes, we'll continue to teach to the moment while trying to get to Munich Germany and Salzburg Austria for the Thanksgiving holiday with the paternal grandparents, but no insight into the h-s workings from here. Besides, they live not 100 yards from a propane truck wreck in SLC and were forced to evacuate their home for 12 hours yesterday, so won't be into ORD until tomorrow. I'll post to the facebook place if I actually get a seat on the outbound plane, but otherwise we're signing off for a hiatus.

But, before I do, here is a question. DO YOU RECYCLE? Why? Why not? Is it a way of living or just a hindrance to your successes? Are you easy to it or does the company that collects it make life difficult?

Also, if you were allowed by all the members of your household, would you hang your clothes out on the line to dry? Why/ why not?

Lastly, do you or have you ever bought turkey on sale during this time of the year to freeze for later servings or are you disgusted by the thought?

Love to all ;- )


Anonymous said...

I hope these weren't rhetorical questions...

Recycle: Yes, we've just started. Since our account doesn't allow for collection I drag everything across the street to the neighbor's house.
Line drying: I'm okay with it and considered it, especially as energy prices peaked, but I need to look any weirder to the neighbors?
Turkey: Absolutely! What could be disgusting about that? Soon it'll be corned beef time too!


G3 & Mom said...

not rhetorical. manz older women collecting plastic here from trash can in munchen in order to make monez I guess. line drzing on balconies along train line from austria. had turkish food for thanksgiving in salzburg. zahoo!

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