Thursday, November 20, 2008

Home-school nature hike - Yahoo!

We're up to 67 days of school today, kicking and screaming. But, there was the incentive to go to St James Farm for a nature hike today with Ranger Kev from the DuPage county Forest Preserve. Our Daddy was able to attend with us for the first time in a year of attempting these outings. The 600+ acre farm was recently acquired by the Forest Preserve from the McCormick's of the International Harvester heritage. According to the history lesson today, Mr. McCormick invented the reaper in 1920 in order to make farming faster and more efficient. These people who owned today's site may not be the exact inventor's direct family, but they were involved in the collection of wealth due to the company's success. It had been since June at West Chicago prairie that we'd done a nature hike. But today, unlike June, there were no mosquito's. It was cold and windy. There were flurries while we stood outside in the weather, but we got a good walk out of the trip and we were witness to sand hill cranes moving south. Very cool for the Mommy.

Tonight G#1 is building a popsicle bridge with the Daddy for a Boy Scout activity. The little girl is cleaning the crayon off the carpet under her desk. Her twin brother is recovering from scarfing down home made pizza. I'm listening to The world is flat by Thomas Friedman.

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