Thursday, November 6, 2008

We're on to CASTLES!

Check out the new link to a site which teaches about the Romans in Britain. We hope to prepare the 3Gs for a 2010 visit to Scotland for the Daddy's momentous birthday. There are all kinds of opportunities to see castles and learn about Romans in Bavaria later this month. But for today, we've finished study about the moon and are listening to a chapter from history about medieval India. I can't wait to see how the kids react to a sand art activity suggested in the SOTW2 activity book. The sand art is actually from OTC and is pictures of the Nativity Story, but it's still sand art.

Pray for G#3 today please. He gets his shots updated at the doctor's office this afternoon. I hope to keep him focused on the trip to Legoland at Woodfield Mall tomorrow with the Daddy. HOPE

[Update on the bravest boy in the world today who got 4 shots! He is still the bravest boy today and enjoys the new lego magazine and a little playdoh right before the Rescue heros movie starts shortly]

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