Saturday, November 15, 2008

One more thing!

When was the last time you tempted disaster by shopping at the thrift store? I'm constantly faced with whining people who say that they don't have any jeans without holes in the knees. AND someone actually said last week that I should have also bought sweaters for them when I bought 3 sweaters on 1/2 price sale at Christopher and Banks. SO, I asked half the team to shop at Sam's last night and then one helper to come with me to the Salvation Army store further down the strip mall. I found dozens of jeans with knees in the sizes that I needed. I found ten sweaters that met my ctq's. So, I asked the Daddy to help me evaluate the pile and came away with 7, yes seven, pairs of jeans with knees AND 5 church sweaters for 35$ total. I came home and immediately washed everything and it all is just wonderful! I will have jeans for kids who love to play outside with their neighborhood friends and not worry or spar with people who think that it makes perfect sense to wrestle in mud puddles with jeans that are not torn.

Sorry, we don't subscribe to low waste lines and sliced jeans at our home. Yet...

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