Saturday, November 8, 2008

Triumphant Friday!

Legoland Chicago is conquered. Leads me to dream of other lego sites... Cold weather is here. Flurries even. I'm in the mood to plan my listening entertainment while preparing for the holiday season. The possibility of my kids listening to the Door in the Wall by de Angeli and me for The world is flat by Friedman exists. I've read From Beirut to Jerusalem by Friedman once upon a time, that is in another life stage, but never forgot how it struck a chord in me. So, for the children, Door in the Wall or the Narnia Chronicles to listen and follow along in the unabridged text. I've got my zen back from the shop where they replaced the motherboard because I administered too much electricity while plugging it into a usb jack for charging. OOPS. Won't do that again ;- )

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